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RouteGuard routing service

RouteGuard is a ship routing and performance analysis service. Based on the most accurate weather information available, combined with expertise from skilled meteorologists and master mariners, RouteGuard provides ships with optimum routing information for any voyage.
Selecting the optimum route and achieving the maximum performance from a ship requires accurate and detailed weather information. RouteGuard enables you to save time and fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and optimise planning based on accurate ETA‘s whilst keeping crew, ship and cargo safe.
Performance analysis reports provide you with the information you need to detect underperformance and act accordingly.

FleetGuard monitoring service:

FleetGuard Monitoring is our interactive tool for live fleet monitoring. Providing a real-time view of your fleet, from global perspective to the single vessel details. It is a bespoke powerful tool for operations and performance monitoring, global fleet tracking, detailed weather maps and fleet analysis. It is an online web portal, giving you the tools to guard your fleet and to monitor the KPI’s. You may choose to just globally track vessels through global AIS or to monitor vessels on performance parameters and have the Masters and onboard systems reporting the relevant information. A vast amount of map types and layers are available. On top of that you can choose monitoring parameters and values to monitor upon.